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Dec 12, 2002, 7:35pm

Ooops, I forgot to say what "being Apple'd" meant (from the previous rant).

See, I ordered the ThinkPad and sold my old one at nearly the same time. I was told that delivery would be 5 business days. Cool. I ordered on a Wednesday. By the following Monday, I called to confirm the order.

"Should be less than a week, sir"

Hrmm. Okay. Next Monday, no computer.

'Should be about a week sir" when I called again. Hrm. No, I'm not going to accept that.

Apple pulled that crap on me in April when we ordered an iBook. I was told initially the delivery would take about a week to 10 days. 10 days go by, I call.

"In about a week" (they didn't call me sir).

That went on for three weeks - I got the iBook a solid month after I ordered it, AND after Apple dropped the price on the notebooks and put a better video chip in it. Grr.

IBM almost did this to me, but I wasn't having any of it. I noticed a price drop on their website a few days after my second Monday call (but I still got it cheaper with the phone discounts), so I told them "hey, you're not Apple - they feel they have the right to screw over customers at will - you don't have that luxury - either get me my notebook and accessories this week, or I want to cancel my order and refund my money.

Well, to IBM's credit (they had a Christmas rush, fair enough), they pulled one out of the hat and got my notebook AND all accessories to me within 3 days of the call. Originally I was supposed to wait till January for the X3 ultrabase and DVD/CDR drive.

Oh, I also tried to cancel the Apple order as well. The response I got? Almost a snicker as they said "you can't sir. All sales final."

This, before I had the computer. I'm sure if I wanted to pursue it, I could, but with all the travel I did in May last year, it wouldn't have been possible. So why do Apple people put up with that BS? I know I won't be shopping with them again.

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