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Nov 01, 2002, 6:20am

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Teddy Dog
Teddy, our little grouch of a dog, but we miss him dearly. Click to enlarge.

Teddy went missing last night. Sometime around 5pm or so, we figure he snuck outside (he has a way of sneaking by you as you go in and out the door, and you don't see him).

He's gone missing before, but we usually find him within an hour or two. Not this time. It's morning, and he's still no where to be found. We miss him a lot.

Ted's a grouchy, slightly insane dog (not in a good way). He was abused for most of his adult life, and the SPCA picked him up from the abusive owner after getting numerous complaints. We adopted him when he was 9 or 10 years old. That was some three years ago.

He's a hard dog to have - he's schitzophrenic, goes into these short lived "insane" modes where he will growl and bite. But we wouldn't have kept him this long if we didn't love him and feel attached to him, and I dunno, knowing what he went through for most of his life, I wanted to try and give him a "good life" for his remaining years. I think Jeanette does too.

He has mellowed somewhat, and can show serious affection at times. I think he knows he's "part of the family". But still he tries to wander, he tries to "escape" all the time, and he did it again last night, on a very cold Halloween.

We're even more concerned because of the cold and because of the fireworks that get shot off on Halloween around here. There was a lot of it last night. I'm sure the loud bangs scared him. He's also small enough that animals like raccoons could easily tear him apart, as well as other dogs. And it's very cold.

I'm hoping someone took him in for the evening. I'm not sure if he could make it through the night. We went out last night putting signs up on posts all around this area, and later this morning we will call the SPCA. But until then, I can only hope for the best.

Ted's a grouch and a problem dog for sure, but we love him and miss him.

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