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Oct 17, 2002, 6:30pm

I know a lot of you have been sending me (and my Mom) well wishes and many of you have said a prayer for her. So I wanted to pass along an update...

It seems the well wishes and prayers have had a good effect.

My Mom had major surgery today. Prior to this, all the doctors had to go on was a catscan and xrays, and from what they could "see", she had cancer all through her middle section, in the bowels, ovaries, uterus (sp?), pelvis and other areas. It looked bad. The prognosis was bad.

Today, when they opened her up, they discovered that most of the cancerous growth was isolated to a very large tumour around her ovaries. Other parts had some 'cancer', but it was much smaller than they believed. The doctors also believe the chemo had an effect on these secondary cancerous cells.

The massive tumour was removed as were the ovaries and some smaller tumours, but otherwise they left things intact. She did not have to have a colostomy (sp?), which is a massive removal of dignity in my books, and something that she definitely feared. Also, while it is early days yet, the surgeon said to my Dad, after the operation, that "this went far better than we ever expected".


My Mom and Dad are separated, and my Dad lives with a new girlfriend, but the two of them still have a bond borne of some 30+ years together. So it was only right that my Dad was the person who got to tell my Mom the good news, the fantastic news. It was a moment I'll forever regret not being able to see.

My Mom was in tears, and while she tried to remain strong outwardly prior to the operation, after it, she told everyone her definite thoughts going into the surgery - she sincerely felt the next time she'd be looking at my Dad, my brothers Mike and James, and me, would be from above.

It was a moment.

Thanks to all of you for your well wishes, strength, and prayers. It helped, all of it.

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