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Oct 08, 2002, 9:35pm

Just a short update, still here at Calhoons.

For the past 2 hours or so, these four girls, either still in HS, or just entering university have been sitting near me.

I used to play sports. I used to drink quite a lot. And I used to spit a lot. Or at least i thought I did.

Welp, not any longer - these four girls, all mildly attractive in their own way, have been horkin' and spittooning almost constantly since they sat down. The one closest to me, an Asian chick who barely weighs 100lbs, leans over about every thirty seconds to just let a glop fall down to the ground. You'd think she had a wad of chewin' tabacco or something.

What is up with that?!!?

And they're also passing around a joint. Ahh, the joys of living in Vancouver. The Asian chick and her next door buddy have been doing (and if I got this wrong, well, it's cuz I don't know the terminology that well) shotguns constantly, where one is blowing the smoke into the other's mouth. Normally I might find a little close lip action between two women attractive - but not this time.

Sigh. I'm getting old, I guess. Spittin' and shotgunin' - that's what the youth are into today. I can't figure it out. I'm going back to listening to Our Lady Peace and typing up a First Look article.

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