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Sunday, November 29 Front Page >> Random Rants >> Teddy's gone to doggie heaven.

Sep 25, 2004, 4:40pm

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Our little grump, rescued six years ago, gone on September 25, 2004.

We lost our Teddy today.

The grumpy guss of our family is a dog that Jeanette and I saw at the SPCA satellite shelter at the Petcetera in Richmond over six years ago. He was a "rescued" dog that the SPCA had taken out of an abusive home.

At the time, he was extremely emaciated; his hair was as much as six inches long and matted, and he had the shakes, a hack of a cough, and the SPCA notes said that because of a suspected collapsed trachia, he barely had a year left. At that time, he was guessed to be 12 years old.

Jeanette and I... our hearts went out to the poor pup, and we decided to adopt him. If he only had a year left, we wanted him to have a great last part of his life, having had such a terrible first part, with careless owners who left him out on a condo balcony 24/7, leaving him to drink his own urine and eat his own feces. Why some people are so cruel to an animal like this, I'll never know.

That one year stretched to two, then three, then four and five, and finally; six years. We did our best to give him a happy home. We got him off some of his worst habits, and I even patiently worked with Teddy to get him comfortable with playing, being petted, and just plain affection. In the last few years, he was a very affectionate dog at times.

Last night, he had a stroke. This morning, we visited the vet, and we though - "give it the weekend, see if he improves". We got him back to Jeanette's place, and within an hour or so, he was having another major seizure, and this time was in serious pain. My heart broke. We made the decision, and went back to the vet (another, because our vet's office had closed by this point).

Teddy may have had a hard life, but in his last few years, and indeed his last few moments, he had two people who loved him dearly, who held him and petted him as he was euthanised. He was in pain and not really "there" in the last few moments, but I think this dog, our dog, my friend. knew that his time had come, and that he had care around him.

I'll miss ya Tedster.

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