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Sep 19, 2005, 3:50pm

When Apple brought out their iPod Nano, the first thought I had was...

"Doesn't Creative Labs already have a DAP device called the Nano? Why isn't Apple respectful of the copyrighted (or not) names that other product makers have come up with prior to them?"

Then I read this today about how Apple is doing something that they do all the time - sic their legal team on some of their most ardent supporters. This time, they're forcing any website with "iPod" in their website name to remove it.

Now while I can understand them wanting to protect their brand name and make sure that vendor sites selling iPod stuff are on the up and up, and aren't selling crap with the iPod name, it's that they are also going after sites like iPodLounge, one of the most popular fan / influencer sites out there for the iPod, that really irks me.

And they're making this dubious demand (which, btw, I don't believe they're allowed to do to journalistic sites, but they seem to be doing it anyway):

"We have been informed that we must use the correct nouns and adjectives when describing Apple's branded mobile digital device, calling it an 'Apple iPod Device,'"

Oh. My. God.

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