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Sep 17, 2002, 10:10pm

I've made no secret of the fact that I do not like paying half of what I earn a year to various levels of govenrments in this country. With federal taxes, provincial taxes, municipal taxes, sales taxes, user fees, levies, duties, etc etc, the average Canadian works for governments for 188 days a year, or more than half a year. For 177 days a year, the money we make goes into our own pockets.

Now there's talk that the Feds will raise the GST to 10% from it's current 7%.

If that happens. I'm outta here. My sonar will go on active search for a job in the US. Paying 14.5% sales taxes as I currently do on pretty much everything I buy pisses me off to no end. Paying 17.5% premium on pretty much everything I buy, from groceries to a DVD will drive me over the edge. For the current amount of tax monies I pay to the governments, I do not get value for that money. I feel that I get maybe 40%, 50% value for the money the take from me. The rest is, as far as I'm concerned, legalized theft. They are stealing my money through laws and supposed government rights, and mismanaging it, squandering it, and not returning the value of quality of life, responsible government, and minimal services one would expect from giving them more than half your yearly salary. I'm at the edge right now... basically if an offer for a good career from the US came my way, I would take it. But I'm not actively seeking work there at the moment.

Jacking up the GST will push me over the edge. I will not want to be a Canadian any longer, and I will be putting out "I'm available" feelers to everyone I know in the US coffee and web biz. Hell, I'll take a starter barista job, if it's in Oregon.

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