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Aug 15, 2002, 9:50pm

I'm a "down" guy today, which is weird because there are many good things happening in my life as of late that, while they have me a bit scared due to some increased visibility and responsibilities I'm being saddled with in the world of coffee, they are also incredible opportunities that I should feel honoured and proud of.

I'm down though because, well, my Mom isn't doing well. The cancer that was thought to be in regression after her first chemo sessions is in fact growing, and has been found in other parts of her internals. It's not good news, but we hold out hope. She's going for an operation very soon to do certain things, but where before they thought they'd be able to cut it all out, they're going in now knowing they have to leave some in. Some of the cancer is in her pelvis, which they cannot remove.

My mom has mentioned recently to my brothers and a girlfriend of one of my brothers that she wanted to save money up for a computer, but that it would take time. When I heard this, I had a short talk with Jeanette, and we decided to buy her one on the spot. My brother Mike, in Ottawa (where my Mom lives too) was the go to guy, and he got a fairly decent setup and built it and loaded tons of stuff on it. We did this without telling anyone else in the family. I bought the 'pooter, Jeanette bought the monitor. Yesterday, Mike brought it over and set it up for my Mom, who was ecstatic, very surprised, and very happy. Which, of course makes me very happy. Today she got Rogers broadband cable, and though she had a trip planned to her sister's cottage for this weekend (and left this evening), when she gets back next week I fully expect her to be this internet-surfin, letter writting, photo editing, game playin' fool, and she'll probably be stopping by here to read and maybe even post to the comments board.

(note, there was another part to this rant about a guy who had me a bit miffed, but I've decided to edit this out).

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