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Aug 07, 2004, 6:10pm


I'm getting more pissed at Fido these days. Their service is tanking, at least in Richmond, and now I'm putting up with severe bullshit from the company.

I ordered a new phone from them, a ridiculously expensive phone, but I only ordered it from them because they told me it was in stock. So I order it about 9 days ago. They say 2 to 3 day delivery. This past Tuesday and Wednesday, it didn't arrive, so I call.

"Yes sir, you ordered it."
"But did it ship?"
"I have no way of knowing."
"You have no way of knowing if you mailed a phone to me or not? What is going on?"
"Sorry sir, I can't help you out - give it a few more days..."

I call the next day, get a supervisor, and he says "Sir, it was backordered when you ordered the phone, but it shipped out two days ago. You should get it by Friday."

Friday comes and goes. I call Fido today. "Where's my phone?"
"It's backordered sir, with no estimated delivery date"
"I was told it was in stock when I ordered it, then a supervisor told me it shipped on Tuesday!!? What is going on?"
"I don't know sir. It shows your status of your order as being backordered. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

Grrrrr. Another call on Monday. Sometimes Fido CSRs are twits.

In other nuz, you know what's really, really cool?

The fact that I only have to fill up my Jetta TDI Sport Edition car only once ever three to four weeks. And it only costs me $30 to $35. I got over 750kms on the last fillup, and most of that was city driving. Rock and roll, baybee!

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