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Aug 04, 2004, 9:35pm

Hey. I was hoping to post the shit-remedy, but the bloody thing hasn't arrived yet (see previous post for shit, see my next post (coming soon) for the remedy.

Just some linkage today:

As many of my faithful, big time fans know, I don't much like SUVs. There's a really good thread going on over at TDIClub's website that shows some discussion about how silly SUV owners can be (not all - just maybe 80%, 90% of them). Both sides presented. The anti-SUV side is much better, IMO :).

SUVs. Man, is does anything say american excess more? (read that link above for what I mean). Bigger! Stronger! It's like the 24oz big gulp coffee of the car world! Thankfully though, the land-yacht modern era is slowly winding down. I read something recently that Hummer 2 sales are suffering so bad, the line may end (tho the Hummer 3 is in thw works).

Another recent link.... Rio's new Carbon MP3 Player gets reviewed. You know what? I'm not really in the market for a new mp3 player, but I gotta say, that one's cool. But the coolest one I've seen as of late? Two of them actually... there's the iAudiowhich is tiny, cute, and has FM and voice recording capabilities. No release date yet.

That isn't small enough? Check this mutha out...The iRiver N10 22gram mp3 player! DAMN. And here's a review with heaps of pics!. That's small, baybee!.

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