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Sunday, November 29 Front Page >> Random Rants >> New Swatch watches - I couldn't resist

Jul 02, 2004, 9:05pm

Click for larger image

Today I was on Robson Street, and I walked by the official Swatch store. I had heard that they had new "touch face" watches similar to the Tissot T-Touch models, but in colourful, gimmicky limited designs, so I stopped in to have a look see. Click the image to the right for a detailed shot - it's worth it.

The Eight Ball Watch

I love magic eight balls. I could almost rule my life with them - they are just so right all the time! Well, Swatch has a magic eight ball touch watch. Ask the watch a question, then you tap the centre of the watch face, and the hands will line up at 12:00, then rotate to one of the six advice markers at random. They read Yes, Yes but, Ask Mom, Maybe, No but, and No. Very cool.

I originally bought this watch to give to someone as a gift, but a variety of events made me decide to keep it for myself!

Bunny Sutra

This is the watch I was told about. Works similar to the magic eight ball watch, but on this one, you tap the face, and the watch hands will first match up at the 12:00 position then randomly rotate to one of the six, uh, bunny positions. Sexual positions. Yeah Baybee! (in a cute, cuddly kind of way).

This one... sheesh, I dunno who to give this one to! I guess I'll keep it for a while until something special takes place!

Here's some detail photos.

Click for larger image Click for larger image
Eight Ball - Magic!
The Swatch eight-ball magic watch. Ask the watch a question, tap the centre, and the watch will answer your question!
Bunny Sutra Watch
Get someone in the sack, tap the centre, and the watch will tell you what position to enjoy next. Heh heh heh heh.

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