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Jun 27, 2008, 9:15pm

Beata bought a Wii Fit off Craigslist within a few days of it becoming available, and I've been waiting for it for some time.

I started a loose, sortathere diet before getting the wii fit, and now have more or less finalised it, with some changes on some days. My daily diet consists of

- Apple or Orange + coffee in the morning. Sometimes two of each
- Orange and other fruit (varies) around late lunch, and more coffee. Usually espresso based.
- One main meal usually of tuna. Not canned tuna, but tuna steaks, either sashimi / sushi style (raw) or slightly cooked. I usually have a veggie with it, which varies, sometimes spinach sometimes salad, sometimes beans, sometimes green peas, sometimes in the forum of soup.
- Red wine with dinner. Usually a good Pinot. I'm wary of phenols and other crap in cheap wines. One glass.
- One more leisurely glass of red wine later in the eve.

That's it. Tuna's the main "meat". Sometimes I substitute bison (egggggsellent red meat choice). When I go out, I stick to tuna dishes... fortunately Vancouver's got a lot of tuna choices.

Oh and vitamins and supplements. Usually a multivitamin and Vitamin C.

So I was getting into this diet before the WiiFit, sorta... then the WiiFit came. My BMI was through the roof (FUCKING high, that's all you need to know). Weight... well it was more than I expected.

So after spending a week getting acquainted with the Wii Fit's various programs of Yoga, Excercises, Aerobics and Balance games, (and having my BMI drop by .5 and my weight drop by 3lbs (which means nothing at my weight), I came up with a workout plan:

- 20 mins yoga
- 30 mins exercises
- 20 mins aerobics
- 10 mins balance

And that's what I pretty much do today, but usually I do an extra 5, 10 mins of "calming" yoga at the end instead of the balance games. The balance games are for fun, and not so much for exercise. I do some (for me) difficult yoga poses. I do some easy, medium, and slightly difficult toning exercises (I'm creaky by the end of them), and where I really push myself is in the aerobics. I do 3 mins hula hoop (lol, no video, please), about 8 minutes steppercize (two rounds), then the knockout punch - two sessions of boxing, one beginner, one advanced. I'm dripping sweat by the end of those.

I try to do the 1 hour each day. So far in 22 days of Wii Fit, (15 disregarding the first week), I've missed four days. And the progress is starting to be real.

Day 7: BMI -0.5, Weight -3lbs
Day 12: BMI -0.7, Weight: -5.5lbs
Day 18: BMI -1.9, Weight: -9.9lbs
Day 23: BMI -2.3, Weight: -15.1lbs

I'd say out of that weight loss, probably 7-9lbs is real loss - the rest is probably water etc retention. But it's starting to show results, and I guess the coolest thing is, it's actually fun. Well I'll be honest. The yoga I'm meh on, the exercises I'm not jonesing on, but the hardest workout by far is the boxing, even the beginner one, and I really enjoy that. I could just do 60 mins of boxing each day - breaking it up into three or four 10 or 15 minute sessions.

More to follow, or you can see rare, barely occasional updates on my twitter feed.

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