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Jun 13, 2006, 1:15am

You know, I like Macs. Really do. They're pretty. They use up a lot of system resources to do really splashy things with the display, and with many programs, work very well.

But the latest commercials they've been showing? While very funny, also very, very stupid. Stupid for Apple. (warning - that link will open a quicktime movie on the page).

Take the holding hands one. Oh macs like to talk to PCs. Not a problem - very seamless! Oh, but macs also talk to cameras... and windows can't do that.


Okay - we've had macs - ibooks, powerbooks, bondi iMacs going back to the late 90s. The last one we bought was a G4 iBook. Even that latest generation one had constant problems connecting to our WinXP heavy network. Always a challenge. We could see the macs on the network from the Windows boxes, but the Macs always seemed to have a problem. We ended up buying third party software to make it easier.

Second, I have yet to buy a digital camera that could not connect to my Windows box. Yes, sometimes it required a driver. Sometimes it did not. But it's not a huge selling point for me, and it's kind of misleading. 90% of the time, if Windows didn't recognize the camera, it would fetch the driver online and it would - poof - work.

Second commercial - the one that irks me the most. The one where the windows pc guy always "crashes".

I'm typing from my Vaio ultralight right now. One that I literally have not had to reboot since, oh, probably SCAA back in April. It's been on, 24/7, since then, and through Switzerland and Italy too. And I think the last time I rebooted was when I let the battery get too low, and I swapped batteries.

Give me a break Apple. I've spent plenty of time staring at the rotating beachball of death. That "windows crashes" is oh so 1997.

What I'd like to see are commercials by Apple showing how their notebooks will keep you warm and toasty, even in the Antarctic. And how you can actually cook an egg on them. Put the Windows guy in a nice air conditioned container in the commercial - pretend he's my very cool running Vaio.

In one of the latest ads, the out of the box one, they at least got one thing right - I was truly horrified by how much crap Sony Vaios come preloaded with. I did have to go online to find a list of what could be safely deleted. Fortunately, because PCs in general and Sony in particular sell xx times more computers than Apple does, there's plenty of information online about the product. Which, ironically enough, is the real reason why Windows has lots of viruses out there and Macs generally don't (ie, the amount of Windows installations vs. OSX installations).

The apple ads are funny. Very funny. But also ridiculous, which is a quite different thing altogether.

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