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Jun 07, 2002, 10:55pm

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So Mickey Mouse...
Lighting rocks. It cost a fortune, but I get product shots like this... click to enlarge

So I'm like, dropping a lot of dough on photo stuff as of late.

I just dropped a minor fortune on lighting equipment. My setup now includes 2 tungsten hallogen quartz lights with umbrellas, 2 hallogen quartz nekkid lights, stands for all, and even a soft box.

I'm getting much more into product photography, or otherwise known as "still life". I've been using flash for the last year or two, but I don't like the hot spots it produces and since most of my photography is digital, I can get away with adjusting my white balance on the fly for always on tungsten (3200K) lighting.

As a result, I now have lighting ability that reflects no harsh shadows - only super soft, and super muted shadows. Reflected colours are picked up nicely as well. See the little Mickey Mouse Pirate ship (heh heh, see below for an ironic aside to that) and Goofy in the rowboat? Note how Goofy's boat is casting a soft red reflection on the neutral background?

That's pretty cool. :)

Aside: I love the irony of Mickey Mouse as a pirate, given that Disney Corp Inc., is one of the most zealous anti-"pirate" companies out there, even to the point of foresaking all our normal rights to make more money. Too weird.

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