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Thursday, October 22 Front Page >> Random Rants >> Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight Review

May 12, 2007, 5:00pm

So I downloaded the new Linkin Park today.... about the fifth time I did so. There's finally a decent 320kbit version out there that just came out today on the torrents (btw, I will be buying the CD, so lay off lol). There were at first

  • fake releases
  • single release (What I've done)
  • iTunes sh**tty copy version (128kbit - I can't believe people actually pay 99 cents a song for that crap level of recording)
  • upsamples of the iTunes webrip (horrible to the ears)

But bottom line, I've been listening to it since I first got the "real" copies. And in my first 3 or 4 listens, I kinda didn't like what I was listening to.  But like every Linkin Park album, it grew on me (why do I always forget this about LP? It's the same for every album). Everyone online seems to be bitching: where's my Linkin Park? They've gone? WutF?

and of course, some 4 years after Meteora, their last studio LP, of course things are going to change. I wouldn't have much respect for any artist that doesn't evolve. That's not to say I wasn't saying "where's my Linkin Park?" too, except I only did that for the first three or four listens.

So now that I've been playing it for about a week, and probably have heard each song about 10, 12 times, here's some thoughts.

- Given Up. Nice intro song (well, Wake is the intro song, but it doesn't count). Handclapping brings you into a kinda killerfast beat with Chester Bennington launching right away into his trademark screaming lyrics. It took five listens, but now the song's totally grown on me. Lyrics are light, but still kick it.

- Leave out all the rest. Mellow LP. This is probably why people are pissy. Mellow and deep beats feature throughout with Chester showing off some of his singing talent beyond screaming (though you get the elevated pitches in the middle). It's a forgive me song... not something you expect from LP. But you should from now on... because it's a theme throughout the album.

- Bleed it out. Maybe my initial "favourite" song after What I've done on the CD. Mike starts with a clear-toned rap, digs into a cresendo buildup, then Chester sings his chorus. And then the song explodes. Catchy, poppy tune, maybe I'll get tired of it at some point, but I really like it now. Makes me happy, though the song's message is not so "forgive me" as is "understand me". U2 (specifically Edge)'s guitar work seems to be a slight influence here.

- Shadow of the day. Another mellow tune, big bass beat, but mellow to all out. Probably Chester's best example of his singing ability on this particular CD. Hits some impressive notes. Another "forgive me" song. Nice summer tune with a surprisingly deep message. Timeless? Maybe not, but totally enjoyable.

- What I've done. What can I say - the first hit single, and probably the most vintage LP song on the CD. Love it. The Vid is killer.

- Hands held high. Mike's big rap song. About the Iraq war. Powerful, while maybe a bit cliche'ed too. Reminds me of one of Mike's songs on Fort Minor. Mike is freakin' brilliant, IMO. But I'm still waiting for him to mature his skills somewhat. Didn't like the "Amen" chorus throughout the song though... could have done without it, or less of it.

- No more sorrow. Damn. I recognize Metallica, Marilyn Manson, and even (can u believe it), Command and Conquer's theme music in this song as heavy influences. Heaviest song on the CD. Just awesome... if you're into metal. Get into the lyrics. Vintage LP.

- Valentine's Day. H*lie Sh*t - an LP song about Valentine's day and NOT full of angst? What is going on! Mellow. I love you vibes. Forgive me song. About losing your love, and coming up to Valentines Day - I guess it's a bit angsty, but it's no Numb. Nice beat, but I feel it will be forgettable.

- In between. Mike SINGS! Not raps, but SINGS! Nice! Some spinning by Joe Hahn in this one (very low key though). Another forgive me song. Very not LP... probably the most non-LP song on the album. Mellow, nice song.

- In pieces. Another mellow, "here's the new LP, get used to it" songs. Again some minor spinning by Joe (where are you Joe!!!); Again with the kinda forgive me theme, but a bit into the Numb / With You / Somewhere I belong messaging too. Picks up with a very long crescendo over the whole song. It almost seems like Chester wants to break out on this one, but doesn't quite get there. That said, this is probably #3 or #4 for me on the CD.

- The things you give away. Starts off thinking hey, finally - full blooded LP coming up, yo... but then acoustic guitar comes in, and for a short second, I think I'm listening to a Beatles tune. Chester mellow again. Not a bad tune - I imagine this may be one I get into more as time goes on.

Afterthoughts: Not much spinning by Joe Hahn on this CD, which for me is a big disappointment. The dude is an awesome DJ and I really enjoyed his spins on previous LP CDs. He's on the keyboards (I assume) as well as some spinning on What I've Done and a few other songs, but I feel his talents were wasted on this release.

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