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May 05, 2004, 11:35pm

If I were a fly, buzzing around the Oval Office yesterday, I wonder what kind of conversation I'd hear.

I wonder if it'd go something like this:

McClellan (Press Secretary): Mister President, perhaps we should consider issuing a formal apology on air...

GeeDub: Are you insane, you fool!!??? The United States of America apologizes to no one! Especially not some bleedin' heart towel heads who have OUR OIL!!!"

Donny: Damn straight, GeeDub! We ain't givin' those...

GeeDub: Donny, when I expect you to talk, it's when you ask me if I'm ready to have my butt wiped! It's your dang fault for not havin' a lid on this in the first place. Next time I'm in the toilet, make sure you give me the proper updates!

McClellan: I still think that, to put a damper on this and to help world image, an apology...

GeeDub: Read my lips Scotty! No new taxes!!! Ah damnit, that was my pap's line. Read my lips. No apology! I am the United States, and I don't apologize to no body! Now both of ya, get the hell outta my office. I gotta come up with some new ways to restrict the lifestyles of the gay bastards out west!

Hey... coulda happened that way.... I mean, something has to this anality, and I don't buy the argument that he was apeasing Americans. If that is true, it's almost as bad (or even worse) than the hypothetical presented above.

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