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Friday, October 30 Front Page >> Random Rants >> Secular Media? And that's supposed to be a bad thing?

Apr 11, 2005, 12:30am

I do watch Fox News Channel from time to time, because I do believe in actually reading or watching oposing viewpoints from my own to get a grasp of the "other side's" argument (though IMO, it is also my comic relief moments most days as well - I'm selfish lol), and lately I've been noticing, on Hannity and colmes, on O'Reilley's full spin zone and even on the main newscasts, this condemning of what they call....

"Secular Media"

(referring mainly to centrist media or media without too much of an agenda... read media that will dare to be critical of the Bush Adminstration).

And I'm like.... wow, is secular supposed to be a a bad thing thing now?

I mean. yikes. Even on very religious sites, like Australia's Catholic University website, secular is described as "Concerned with the affairs of this world, worldly, not sacred, not monastic, not ecclesiastical - temporal, profane."

Sounds like how I want my news to reported! :)

I watch Fox News and harken back to my history learning, about how a measured campaign in the 1930s by media baron William Randolph Hearst via his good friends at DuPont (and their then recent patenting of the creation of nylon) to make hemp (a competiting product for nylon, and in almost every way better) illegal... and one of the tactics was to create and publize the evil sounding name for smoking hemp to get high: marijuana (a Hearst newspaper word).

I wonder how the word went down the pipe at Fox to all of a sudden turn the word "secular" into the very meaning of "evil" or lying... and boy are they working hard at it. Today, after the Pope's funeral is all over and they get back into the rah rahing of the Bush Admin. (and for eg, Bush's current choice for UN ambassador), I counted the use of the words "secular media" six times in about 55 minutes of watching. All used in a way to somehow show "secular media" was akin to evil. Or, to be fair and balanced towards Fox News, sometimes just using the term to describe "misleading" news networks.

Yikes. Fox is s.c.a.r.y.

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