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Apr 10, 2002, 1:40pm

John Dvorak is "on", as they say.

Sometimes John makes a big hit. Sometimes he makes a big miss. His most recent PC Mag Rant (you can see it here) is most definitely a hit. Deconstructing the Blog is a must read for way too many people online.

First, I am aware some may think this section of my site is a "blog"... after all, entries are dated, comments are posted, and in a way, it is very "web log"y like. But one thing you gotta realise - here, I don't really take myself all that seriously. And I mainly bitch and moan and rant about stuff. I don't go "dear diary..." often, if at all.

And hell, I don't use blogger, never will. Not that there's anything wrong with Blogger, or Movable Type, or Greymatter... but we wrote our own software for doin' this kind of thing (and much, much more), and I like using it here.

I used to read some blogs online. But man, they are fucking depressing. And Blogs are just an evolution of the "angst home page" syndrome I have written about many times in the past. Just a quicker, easier way to go "oh, my life sucks, as I write from my brand new iBook using the wireless connection at the local Starbucks, drinking $5 lattes and eating bon-bons..."

With regards to Dvorak, I suspect this most recent column is part post-April Fools, but also probably has some backstory most aren't aware of. I know Dvorak wrote a "hey, check out blogs!" type article a few months ago(see it here) which for some reason pissed off many bloggers online, who probably took precious time out of their blogging life to fire off nasty emails to John.

Bloggers. Get a life instead of just staging one. :)

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