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Apr 06, 2004, 9:35pm

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Optio s4i
This thing is tigh... knee! Check it out compared to the pen.

So I got a new "toy" to replace an old "toy" I sold on eBay.

I am an extreme early adopter of a new Pentax Optio s4i digicam. This freakin' thing is small. Itty small.

A while back, I decided to go 100% digital in all my photography, and dropped dime on a dSLR (the Digital Rebel), and the move has been great for business because the camera saves me a lot of post processing time, produces stellar quality images, and being an SLR, it's increadibly versatile.

But I gave up something moving to this camera - portability. I had the very capable Olympus C-5050, but it's bulky in its own right. So I sold it on eBay (got over $600USD for it too!), and then started shopping around for an ultrasmall camera.

The choice was narrowed down to the Kyocera Finecam SL400R (just recently released), and the Pentax Optio s4... but then I heard that the s4 would be replaced very soon by the s4i. I liked all the functions added to the s4i, like the larger LCD, better battery life, longer movie recording time (limited only to the memory card), and of course the size. I also liked how the product is a "lifestyle" device with the following bonus functions:

  • World Time clock function
  • Three alarms (like a travel alarm clock)
  • Good quality voice recorder (including ability to record in a conference)
  • A bunch of "stupid" modes (I call them stupid because the camera makes decisions for you, but some of the modes are cool, like 3D mode, "food" mode, etc etc).
  • A very decent panorama mode.

So I preordered it on Amazon. And it arrived yesterday.

Yeah, it's a toy, but hey, I need a camera with me at all times, and don't want to be bogged down by one. The thing's so small, it's almost too small!

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