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Apr 01, 2002, 2:20am

Hey, if you ever, and I mean, ever signed up for a Yahoo account, or geocities, or any property Yahoo has, you would be doing yourself a big favour if you found the username and password and logged in to your My Yahoo page. This is especially true if you've entered in your personal info like address, phone numbers, credit cards, real email address, etc etc.

Why? Because Yahoo! has just decided to become "SpamYou!" central. The bastards.

First, read this story at ZDNet to get the backstory.

Those bastards.

Because I actually bid on a Yahoo auction once, they had my real mail address, real phone numbers, real email address. And they decided to take it upon themselves to not only offer out all that information to the world's spammers, telemarketers, and other assorted dickheads who make our Internet life more difficult, but to also automatically opt me as "yes" on all their marketing scumbaggery.

Those bastards.

And I have a real worry. Once upon a time I registered as "Spiffle" at Yahoo, but don't remember the passwords, or email account it goes to. This was years ago, and I bet I even foolishly put in my real mailing address. Grr.

Those bastards.

So log into your My Yahoo page, and right at the top, click the "Account Info" link. You'll have to enter your password again. Then look for the "Marketing Preferences" link a few lines below your Member Info. Click it. And turn everything off. While you're at it, change all your info to fabricated stuff. Screw them
And no, this is not an April Fools joke. It is someone abusing my personal information. And yours. And millions of others.

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