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Mar 25, 2004, 12:25am

Real Networks is worried. Chances are, you don't like Real. I certainly don't. The pioneer of invasive, "spyware" installable software, the real player (or whatever they're calling it these days) hasn't been installed on any of my computers for probably 3 or 4 years now. Why? The reasons are so pervasive that even casual computer users know why. Real is like a virus when you install it. It does things to your system. It installs things like tray programs without asking. It sends data, without asking or first giving you the clear and concise option to turn it off. Heck, it even sends data through several different means, requiring you to shut off a variety of "opt out" check boxes buried in the program's options.

In short, Real Audio, Real Networks, Real Player... they all suck.

And I hear Real ain't doing so hot these days. They're seeing the success of Apple's iTunes and they're drooling. Enough for Rob Glaser to give the goofy interview featured in the link above.

Real's one of those companies that had initial big success, and even continued success for a while. Their higher-ups know how to schmooze, so they court Major League Baseball and other sports to get feeds. They court other companies that don't have a clue about technology, but like listening to numbers, and they get on board with Real. But rumour has it Real's gonna lose a lot of deals soon, because... well, because they suck! And the Internet public as a whole is sort of catching on.

This Apple bashing reeks of desparation.

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