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Mar 09, 2005, 3:45pm

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Dow 1970
It's not sherry, but today was an excellent way to enjoy this 35 year old port.
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Jeanette, who loved my Mom very much, brought over flowers this morning in celebration of Mom's memory.

Today's the anniversary of my Mom's passing, March 9, 2004.

When my Mom was slowly fading away, she made some final requests and one of them was that she wanted a woman dressed in very unique and fancy garb, with white gloves, to pass out glasses of sherry at the wake.

We couldn't honour her wishes because of liquor regulations at the funeral home.

So this morning, I grabbed a bottle of my oldest port. A fine 1970 Dow Vintage. It's not sherry, but port is very similar to sherry in how its made, and this is a 35 year old bottle from one of the best vintage years in the past 50 years.

I bought a couple of 1970s a while back, but didn't know when I would drink it. Yesterday, it came to me.

A few people were over. We were going to take the portion of my Mom's ashes I took back to Vancouver with me, and release them into some special spot in Vancouver. For a while, I considered Spanish Banks, but I thought Trout Lake, so close to where I live now, and part of East Van, the section of Vancouver my Mom loved so much, would be more appropriate.

We enjoyed the amazing port as we toasted and celebrated my Mom's memory. Nothing in this world can equal how special the woman was and is to me, or those who were here today, but our little celebration this morning was fitting. We talked a bit about her, remembered some of the great things about her, and we had smiles on our faces. We then went for a walk from my home to Trout Lake, found a nice isolated pier that jutted out into the lake, and after a few words, spread her ashes in the lake.

Even the ducks were respectful. They thought I was spreading food, and hustled over, but quickly decided it wasn't appropriate to nibble, and backed off.

Throughout the rest of today, I plan on sharing the port with those who visit or drop by, and we'll continue to honour my Mom's wish and her memory. If there's any left over tomorrow, we'll finish it off with another happy situation - Beata becomes a Canadian citizen tomorrow morning at 9am, and we'll toast her achievement with this great port wine.

I think my Mom would have really liked Beata. And I think she's very happy with us celebrating her memory today the way we did.

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