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Mar 02, 2002, 11:50pm

You know, I'm not really good at keeping secrets. Actually, just my own secrets. I'm normally really good at keeping other peoples' secrets, but not my own.

One thing that is killing me is the next few schwag giveaways we have planned for the CoffeeGeek site. Some seriously cool things. So I gotta spill, if only just a bit.

The biggest is probably an espresso machine with a MSRP of $750 or so. It's a few months away at least, but it will be coming, and it will be given away to some lucky bastard.

Next up are several grinders, all over $200. That I'm pretty juiced about as well. There's also a slew of cups, books, hats, and other coffee related products that are just waiting to find a winner.

My biggest problem right now is figuring out the best ways to give this stuff away. I mean, it's boring just constantly picking a name out of a hat. I'm doing a questionaire for one thing, and maybe another questionaire for another thing. But then I'm stuck.

I want some ideas. Got any cool contests you've seen recently that you can tell me about? Any nifty keen unique ways companies determined how to pick a winner for a prize? Tell me! Use the "add comments" box and make a suggestion.

Keep in mind though, I hope it's low overhead, eg; won't take me a lot of time to set up.


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