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Feb 27, 2002, 10:50pm

Hey, it's not often these days I get hate mail. I guess I'm being a good boy these days. Woo nelly, I used to get my share though.

But I did get a funny hate mail just the other night. See, there's this fella who's a lonely dweeb in the city of Vancouver, and when I didn't have anything better to do with my life way back when (circa 1997, 1998), I used to get drawn into "my dick is bigger than your dick" wars with him in a local newsgroup. In 1998, I realized what a complete luser he was and I was too, for still arguing with him, so I just started ignoring his email rants and his public name calling and insult flinging. Soon, he moved on to other things to try and gain power from.

But last night, I guess he rediscovered me, or searched for his name on google, or something, and he discovered my current personal site. Specifically, he found an old rant from 1998. I won't give you the link, but search for blowfish in the search box, and you'll turn it up. He especially didn't like the title of the rant.

So I got some hate mail from him. It was kind of funny too. Aged hate mail, and in it I'm accused of slander and threatened with a lawsuit unless I pull content from this site "immediately". Oh, in the same sentence he accused me of slander... he slandered me and my name :)

Ahhh. everyone needs some spice in their life.

And no, I haven't pulled the content.

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