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Feb 26, 2005, 2:05am

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Hi, how are ya!
How's this for a bed setting, huh? Note, the sheets are exactly the same green as the lighter green square on the square pillows... but the pic doesn't show it.
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Licking his lips. Is this some kinda subtle message? Or maybe he just likes hair juice.

Lately, I've been getting more adventurous in bed.

Uh. I mean "WITH" bed. IE, with my sheet selections, and comforter selections. I swear! Beds are for sleeping, and nothing else, scout's honour!

This latest combo. The comforter cover (with a nice down comfy inside) is from Ikea. Nice pattern, I love it.

The Big square blue pillows? Ikea again - the outer cover is the "match" to the comforter, believe it or not - but in a different pattern. All squares.

The sheets are a bright neon lime green - same as the lime green in the square pillows, though this photo doesn't quite shot that.

The front pillows? Came with the lime green bed spread and fitted sheet, if you can believe it. Hillarious! And you'll never guess where I bought the queen size sheet set (and pillow covers): Real Canadian StuporStore (SuperStore - or Loblaws in the east). And get this - complete set was $29.97, for the queen size set. What a bargain!

Beata was over this evening briefly (she was out for din din with a friend), and when she walked in, she was wearing this very hot looking lime green mini swearter over a white blouse. And blue jeans. I looked at her, and was like, oh my gawd. Come to the bedroom Beata! She was like "mighty forward of you there, Mark...." But she did. I showed her the set, which I just put on today, and she laughed her head off, and thought it was the king of cool. Sick even.

But the funniest thing? She lay down on the bed, and it was like she dissapeared! Here green top almost exactly matched the green sheets, and her blue jeans were in the same range as the blue comforter! Kismet!

Unfortunately, she didn't stay long though :(

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