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Jan 21, 2002, 3:35am

Man, do I like productive days. They feel almost as good as a really good... uh. huh. "relieving oneself" type episode (the sit down type).

In one evening, I managed to bang out all the main template pages need for a client's site (you can see the client's site here, in its current form. You can see, at least temporarily, the template pages here, but they'll be gone in a few days). Yeah, it's not a complete redesign from the ground up, but it's a 100% recoding with all newly created graphics (something I call "nedesign"). They are actually "templates" for our WIPS system (the same beaut that drives this site, but our newest release), but I did fill in some content, and about six pages are online (you'll have to hunt and click to find them all).

I originally budgeted about 15 hours for this, or 3 days, roughly. It ended up taking me about 6 in total. Ya gotta like that.

Not only did my Sunday see most of the template pages for that site get done, but I also managed to bang out updated logos for 2 clients, 3 pages need for the CoffeeGeek ad system (currently being wrapped up), and I also helped Jeanette further the new design for her personal site (the new design isn't up yet, but it soon will be).

All that done in about 9 hours of damned fine productive work for a Sunday afternoon and evening. Not too shabby. Ya gotta love days like that. Okay, so it's now 2:30am, but what the hell, it all got done. My slate is almost clean, and I'm ready to rock and roll tomorrow all over again for another 12 hours of work.

Heh. Little do I know - that's when "instamatic designers block" loves to set in... uh oh...

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