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Jan 16, 2002, 3:05pm

This one is for the guys out there.

Okay, this one's short, and it's all about urinating. You know, peeing?

I got a question for you guys... do you try to make a game out of taking a piss? you know, standing over the bowl, relieving yourself, kinda knowing that you're nearing the end, so you try to time your flush so it starts flushing while you're still peeing, but you've predicted that you final shakes will occur just as the flush is completing (ie, the bowl is empty, and the toilet is about to plug up again and start refilling). Come on, don't you do that?

Or do you play late night target practice... you know... aim for the sides of the bowl so as not to make a lot of noise... piss hitting the middle of that bowl of water sure can make a lot of noise... so in some bowls, you have this narrow patch where you have a sidewall, and if you manage to aim just right, it's pretty damned quiet AND there's no splashing... but if you nudge or jerk just a bit, you accidently hit the rim?

Guys do that, right? Right? (hey you can answer by posting a comment).

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