Notice anything faster around here? We've moved servers. WebMotif has gone into the web hosting biz, of sorts, and Spiffle (along with are the first two sites to migrate. Soon CoffeeKid and CoffeeGeek will make the trup as well.

Recently updated stuff around here includes a revamped digicam and photography section, and other things are planned. Of course, my two other sites, CoffeeKid and CoffeeGeek are literally running away from me, they're getting so big! And soon, my company's website, WebMotif will be getting an overhaul.

This website is now archived and no longer updated.
»260 pages and counting on this website!
»Digital Photography section overhauled.
»CoffeeKid gets a whole new look!
»Massive update to the site archives making it 80% complete.
»This site gets WIP'ed up to the current 2.5.2 build.
1. Reviews at Epionions by Me
2. CoffeeGeek!
3. Coffee Bloggle
Ranting Fool Ranting Fool
5:35pm, 08/09
12:50am, 03/04
12:20am, 02/16
Find Everything! Find Everything!
The archives are about 80% done now. Check dem out! 
War Stories War Stories
Fortress Snow!, 10/13/01
Walking the Dog, 09/25/01
Feeling U2, 09/25/01
Webbifying It Webbifying It
Tools I Use, 04/04/03
YAWT Story, 05/01/01
Mixelanium Mixelanium
Algonquin Pics, 10/06/03
Omega Seamaster Review, 07/01/03
MiniZ Racing, 10/27/02
Send Some! Send Some!
For now, just email, but soon a form, questionaire, quiz and more! 
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